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Imaginations Need Exercise Too!

Setting aside or repurposing an hour a day for imaginative play can make a BIG difference for growing minds and bodies. Sign our Imagination Declaration today to Support Imagination.

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Kids See Differently

What adults see looks much different to kids. Take a fun look at how everyday objects can spark imaginations.See What Kids See

Imagination Starters

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  • Make the Most Out of Talk Like a Pirate Day

Make the Most Out of Talk Like a Pirate Day

  • September 16th, 2014

As parents, we see recurring themes when kids make-believe. Princesses, superheroes, teachers, firefighters, ballerinas, animals and yes, pirates. As Jake

Why It’s Important to You

It teaches your child to dream & be creative.
Lacey M.
It allows them to express themselves and dream BIG! Anything is possible!
Britney S.
It teaches your child to dream & be creative.
Elivia Q.
It helps with their development.
Angela S.
It is crucial. That is how kids learn, explore, discover. There isn’t enough of it.
Linda L.
Anything that stimulates that mind and body in a positive way is beneficial.